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ATJ140SV turbine engine 2016 all new version


2016 all new version ATJ140SV , 14kg thrust turbine jet engine 

it's super value engine in the world . This is all new design turbine , all different then old Ti series The new type V3 burner long life and fast ignition EGT sensor ,

fuel and burner valve Inside the engine front cover , one FASTO fitting for fuel inlet engine. full Inconel 600 material combustion chamber long use life over 300hr

Inconel 713 material made turbine wheel and NGV , Diffuser , intake , upper cover , engine case .. etc made by T6061 aviation level aluminum rod barCNC machine to finish product ,

long life starter motor low working temperature

We also keep aluminum starter case not use plastic starter case

Xicoy V10 kerostart ECU and GSU easy to use .

ATJ140SV Turbine engine Specifications

Dimensions : Outer Diameter 99mm; Length: 276mm

Weight : 1470grams (including starter)

Maximum thrust : 14KG @ 123,000rpm

Idle RPM : 35,000 Idle

thrust @ 35,000 : 0.6 KG

EGT : 400 - 550 degree C

Fuel Consumption : @ max rpm 490 gms/min

Fuel/ oil : Jet fuel or Kerosene or Diesel + 5% oil (synthetic turbine engine oil)



ATJ140SV Engine package include
1. Turbine engine
2. Engine Mount set
3. Fuel pump set
4. ECU ( Xicoy V10 Kerostart )
5. GSU (Xicoy  GSU for V10 ECU )
6. 4mm Fuel tube
7. Fuel filter
8. Fuel cut off valve
9. Electronic cables
10. User’s manual



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